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Hangouts 2015 1204

Hangouts chat service and the video from Google. It can be accessed through Google, Gmail and Forio application Mobile and Android, as well as expanding Fromm Chrome that allows you to contact your directly from the desktop Windows and video gesels.Kitsboodskappe oproepeRegstreekse the message with all the functions typical of a good conscience; When you are logged into your account Google, you can send text, photos and to contact your contacts in one -on- one group or gesprekke.Die features meeting video allows you to simultaneously video calls with up to 10 people, regardless of the device is connected to. Including applications such as: YouTube and Google Drive, as well as sound effects eye you have a little fun during oproepe.Slegs noodsaaklikhedeSodra installed, you can access call from Google Chrome on the right corner of the screen above the Windows Task Bar. When not in use, the window can be reduced in response to negotiations taskbar area.The andminimalistin unobtrusive is to focus on the most important: the interview. Main window shows a list of contacts and your browser so you can quickly see. When a video call, a window large open you can access all the programs and functions related video.Alles you need hetRegstreekse is also perfect if you are contacted many who use the service. This is goteverithing you needto easily communicate with friends, with the added bonus of features some cool video call pretty. The only drawback is that you can not basic voice calls and Chrome is still open for negotiations.

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