Wines without sulphites

Wines without sulphites

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In the wine industry there is a tendency to reduce the use of sulphur dioxide whenever possible. There are two good arguments about sulphur in wine:

First, health: while most people have no problem with sulphur dioxide and sulphites, as the body’s own enzyme helps metabolise such substances, especially in the case of allergies and asthma, the sulphur can cause headaches and nausea. Therefore, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends eating no more than 0.7 milligrams of sulphur per kilo of body weight per day. Under this rule, an adult weighing 70 kg should consume no more than 49 milligrams of sulphur.

Second, due to styles of winemaking, as in the correct finalization of malolactic fermentation, the results are lower amounts of phenols in white wines, and a more rapid polymerisation in red wines. During wine fermentation, using sulphites can generate an unwanted decrease in aromas and flavours.

Currently and according to Regulation (EC) No 606/2009 of 10 July 2009 laying down provisions for implementing Regulation (EC) No 479/2008 as regards the categories of grapevine products, oenological practices and the applicable restrictions govern the following limits:

The total sulphur dioxide content of wines other than sparkling and liqueur wines, upon their release for direct human consumption, may not exceed:

  1. a) 150 milligrams per litre for red wines;
  2. b) 200 milligrams per litre for white and rose wines.

Under current legislation a wine without sulphites is one that contains less than 10mg per litre in total sulphur dioxide content.

During the 2012 harvest, Puerta del Viento Organic Wines produced a red grape variety called Mencia without added sulphites, i.e. less than 10 mg / L of total sulphur dioxide. Including ageing in oak barrels for 10 months. This is very difficult to achieve and only possible in very few wineries worldwide.

In the autumn of 2014 we presented our new wine, a certified organic production developed through traditional grape stomping and partially fermented in French oak barrels of 500L capacity and no added sulphites. In a few months we will present our new 2014 wine with 10 months ageing in barrels and of course without added sulphites.