Hangouts 2015 1204 x64 x86 Download Torrent

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Hangouts 2015 1204

Hangouts chat service and the video from Google. It can be accessed through Google, Gmail and Forio application Mobile and Android, as well as expanding Fromm Chrome that allows you to contact your directly from the desktop Windows and video gesels.Kitsboodskappe oproepeRegstreekse the message with all the functions typical of a good conscience; When you are logged into your account Google, you can send text, photos and to contact your contacts in one -on- one group or gesprekke.Die features meeting video allows you to simultaneously video calls with up to 10 people, regardless of the device is connected to. Including applications such as: YouTube and Google Drive, as well as sound effects eye you have a little fun during oproepe.Slegs noodsaaklikhedeSodra installed, you can access call from Google Chrome on the right corner of the screen above the Windows Task Bar. When not in use, the window can be reduced in response to negotiations taskbar area.The andminimalistin unobtrusive is to focus on the most important: the interview. Main window shows a list of contacts and your browser so you can quickly see. When a video call, a window large open you can access all the programs and functions related video.Alles you need hetRegstreekse is also perfect if you are contacted many who use the service. This is goteverithing you needto easily communicate with friends, with the added bonus of features some cool video call pretty. The only drawback is that you can not basic voice calls and Chrome is still open for negotiations.


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K lite Codec Pack 12 free download torrent

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K lite Codec Pack 12

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

Size: 40 MB

Requires: Win All

New features:

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of components for playback of audio and video in DirectShow players such as Windows Media Player, Media Center and Media Player, Standard, Full Mega needed to update soon.

K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of components for playback of audio and video DirectShow players such as Windows Media Player, Media Center and Media Player Classic is required. This Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution for playing all your movie files.

It has everything you need to play all popular formats of video and audio files. It also offers additional features such as thumbnails in Windows Explorer.

The bag is very advanced installer that is very simple and has the unique ability to solve problems.

What’s new:

MPC-HC updated version

Updated LAV Filters Version

Updated to version DVR

Updated x264VFW for r2694

MediaInfo updated to version

Icaros updated to version

You just run

* Have fun!

Name: K-Lite Codec Pack

Developer: Codec Guide


Updated version:


Tablet: Not required

System Requirements:

Windows 2000 | XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 10

Processor: 1600 MHz

K-Lite Codec Pack or later (Basic / Standard / Full / Mega)

Seedbox support

Note: The application has additional software cos its announcement in hand, be careful when installing !!!

================================================== ===========

List of Changes

================================================== ===========

Updated Media Player Classic Home Cinema Version

Updated LAV Filters Version l-0-g65b9a

Updated X264VFW adaptation in 2694

Updated to version DVR

Updated Medialnfo DLL version


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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 free download torrent

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Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Software version: ()

author: m0nkrus

Language English / Russian

Treatment: included

Type of medicine: keygen + file corrected

System requirements:

– The Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon 64; 2GHz or faster processor

– Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows or

– 2 GB RAM (8 GB)

– 2 GB of hard drive space free to install the 32-bit version; GB hard disk space free to install the 64-bit version; During installation, additional free space required (can not install on removable storage devices based on flash memory)

– Monitor with a resolution of 1024×768 (recommended 1280×800), 16-bit color and 512 MB of video RAM (1GB recommended)

– The system supports OpenGL

– To access the online features require an Internet connection and registration

Description: Adobe Photoshop CS 2015 – a comprehensive solution for professional digital imaging, which includes advanced tools for working with images and new opportunities to realize creative ideas that can improve performance significantly.

Edit images with exceptional accuracy, use intuitive tools and workflows for creating new graphic three-dimensional, two-dimensional projects and films. BC Adobe Photoshop 2015 is part of Creative Cloud 2015. In this way,

its users access to all the latest news and access to new versions available from the date of publication. The possibility of publishing the cloud allows you to organize your files on multiple computers.

Behance can share projects by integrating with others directly from the NC program Adobe Photoshop 2015 and get immediate feedback on their work by designers around the world.

list of changes

What I changed:

– From the original ESD-distribution, containing Russian and English, as well as all other language packs.

– 32-bit and 64-bit distribution combined into a single installer.

– Several original installer files to correct substituted (cracks) PAINTER, so the ability to integrate new classification.

– The distribution integrated update for Adobe Camera Raw to version

– The distribution is integrated with Adobe Update Tool Utility Control (PAINTER advanced), who will be able to create a “cloud” update.

– In the Crack folder in the image is a set of tools and detailed instructions to register BC Adobe Photoshop 2015.

– In your program is installed on the image Switch_Lang, allowing you to quickly and easily add a second language interface in Photoshop 2015 BC.

– To kutsee installer ESD-version added a menu similar with Box-version. It is made in the image of a similar menu for Photoshop CS4.

Image size: GB (1558493184 bytes)

MD5-sum approach: 50a6705f8f50aa4962b2f466e0713f26

SHA1 sum approach: 7da0e7aad0fed33821f0ee9c8a78dbdb117f5123


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Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download Torrent

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Microsoft Office 2013

For more information visit:

For AppzDam spent living and quality of applications on the official website

Microsoft Office 2013 VL ProPlus Angielski (x86-x64) in June 2016

Press Release

– Language: English (en-us)

– Channel: Volume Licensing

– Version (SP1)

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– Proofing Tools: English, French, Spanish

– Change June 14, 2016

Critical updates: KB3115162, KB3023049, KB3039795, KB3115151, KB3115154, KB3115167, KB3115163, KB3115158, KB3115015, KB3114725, KB3115164, KB3115033

security updates: KB3115159, KB3115020, KB3115173

Individually default setting (slightly modified by october – Customize Office Tool)

– Next EULA

– Default Options- all programs and functions are installed by default, with the exception of the Office of the sink * (2013), and ProPlus telemetry ** Office (Office 2013 Suites / Applications) – suppose you can change all the setup options as you like

* Sink = Skype for business in the office in 2016 (and should therefore not impose or accept that it is “the choice of renewal” by Microsoft Update)

The point is, the default installation location of the heat sink (Skype for Business), or the client computer Skype already installed or not.

If you decide to install the Skype configuration for the Office business, will remain an advisor to configure Skype encourages you start Skype when Windows starts, set Click to call Skype Bing search engine and MSN as your home page and then asks as to enter.

This is where the confusion begins. Which account you choose? If you choose the name and use existing Skype (personal / household) account will be set up your computer to use two identities – Skype on your personal profile, Skype for Business for his work. If you choose a Microsoft account, you create a new Live ID e-mail address in their work – something you do not want to do.

** Telemetry office (why do not you want to share your data)

Telemetry Dashboard displays the file names and titles of documents in each user list used recently and may disclose personal or confidential information, you or your organization.
Microsoft Office 2013 download torrent displays the names of additives and other solutions used by the Authority.

Agent collects telemetry stocks, consumption and other data applications and adds to the shared folder, where they are processed by the service, known as telemetry processor and included in the SQL database. The control board telemetry associated with this database, so it could be shown how to use the Office files, add-ons and solutions.

folder bonus

– KMSpico + Microsoft BETA set of tools 5 (activators)

– Classic Menu for Office (Office 2003, add toolbars and menu type for Office 2013)

– Office Tab (edit multiple files in a tabbed window)

uninstallers previous version (Office 2003, 2007, 2010) –

– Disable / Restore option “Login” in the Office applications (REG file)

– Disable / Restore Position 2013 Telemetry file (reg)

source files


– Remove any older version uses include uninstallers (Bonus folder) and again if necessary

– File: Mount ISO / burning / pc

– Installing Office 2013

– Activate using the Microsoft Toolkit (Bonus folder, click the Office installation AutoKMS and click Activate)

– Installation of Office Runtime Visual Studio folder (Bonus)


– Classic Menu for Office + Serial

– Tab + Office Serial

– Attach file Reg delete / Recovery mark office in 2013 to remove / restore registry functions (restart)

– Include Reg file Disable / Restore position in 2013 telemetry to remove / restore telemetry

system requirements

Windows Server + 10.7 SP1 / Server 2012 R2 / 2012 / Server 2008 R2 (64-bit version of Office 64-bit)



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TreeSize Professional 6 fast-dl Download Torrent

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TreeSize Professional 6

Summer Release

Date: 05/19/2016

OS: 7/8 (32 bit running 32-bit, 64-bit machine with 64-bit)

News: In the name of the serial keygen to create, copy run but that / Serial paste

Mobile: Registration

Of TreeSize Professional

A space able to column TreeSize Professional is hard disk, Windows Vista, and the mass of 8/7 / / XP or Windows Server 2012/2008/2003 (Bit 32, or 64).

Wicked tongue, that only do thou to the support of 64 Bit – Mauris nor the reckoning.

What TreeSize

– Disk Management space and a clean efficiently

– Use an image of the world

– Analysis of the reason of low levels until the end of each

– Video, copying or moving files

– Import many options, the quaestor,

– Find a dark files

– Scan the table and finish

Manage your hard disk space and internet site of the world

Search your folders on the outside, to the exceeding great and precious they are to recover disk space. TreeSize throughout the world, the said document, and after we had talked away, and also concerning the swine. the speed of the analysis is the use of the image of disk space. TreeSize Professional shows the size of, and to prepare a place for you, in order to secure the ownership of that folder, and the permissions of the compression, NTFS, and select the folders for more information or to act at all.

Find files redundant

Search Documents help you to find an old flexible combination of a great, and copy the file over time, the whole in the whole, or a slave is the network. They can be moved to, and exported or destroyed ligula elit.

Print, export, or compare results

You can even open the table a wealth of so many relations to impress the form of a collection of the knowledge of XML, XLS, txt, CSV and. Comparison XML Reports or shapshots use disk space to examine the progress of the season.

Intuitive use interface and supports drag and drop Explorer-like operation. This is faster, more threads, and NTFS Unicode- way, endures all things. Each drive or folder can be set from the menu lorem TreeSize (available in mobile version).


Lorem need NET Framework Version TreeSize properly deal with net investors.

In recognition of the TreeSize Professional installed it in a net. If necessary, improve the structure of TreeSize.



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