• Enosán Laboratories at the Enomaq Trade Fair

ENOSÁN Laboratories

The idea to acquire all rights to the research, manufacture and sale of CPC which is the generic name of a series of products containing silver deposited on various supports which are able to act as bactericides in multiple applications occurred in July 2014.

ENOSÁN laboratories S.L. is a company with 100% Spanish capital equipped with personnel who are highly qualified in a variety of areas such as Enology, the Food Industry, Agriculture, Human, Chemical and Veterinary medicine. It is located in the European Business and Innovation Centre (CEEI), a center of reference for the development and consolidation of technology-based projects for companies.

The main line of action of Enosán Laboratories is based on continued collaboration in R & D projects in conjunction with research centres as well as national and international companies in order to improve existing products and create new products. Over the last few years many of the great research efforts have focused on the Enology Sector working hand in hand with prestigious Research and Development Centres in Technological, Agri-Food and Winemaking areas, R&D Departments of various Spanish universities, prominent researchers and practitioners from the world of wine, and of course carrying out many successful experiments in a wide range of important wineries, both in Spain and abroad.

All these efforts have resulted in a patented system that allows the deposit of metallic silver in colloidal form on a large number of media such as kaolin, sepiolite, sand filter etc. This colloidal silver acts as a bactericide without separating from the support and therefore the silver nanoparticles never pass the treated environment.

Currently, we market silver chloride on various supports to eliminate and prevent sulphur compounds in wines. Enosilver D, Enosilver Plus and Enosilver Bag are all products that are developed and manufactured entirely in our facilities in Zaragoza, Spain.
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